I feel like I don't know anything!

I’m doing the FreeCodeCamp challenges, I’m really enjoying it, but when I need to do the projects … I feel like I’m not able to do it or that I’m doing it wrong, so I get stuck … What can I do to have more confidence and consistency in coding?

Help chat rooms of freecodecamp at gitter are a great way to learn and explore more…

Doesn’t matter if you don’t indulge in chats there, it will still make you ‘feel code’, and all your frustrations will leave the way!
To access this, just click at the ‘help’ button below ‘I’ve completed this challenge (ctrl + enter)’.

Hope this helps.

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I guess every newbie facing the same problem.
You just need to get out of free code camp for a while, then begin to read what is bootstrap, how to create a nav-bar from some book. because I guess you don’t really know those simple concept.
after that, you will find those creative things is not so hard. you can simply finish it.
Good luck!

You need to practice.
Practice as in "writing your own code."
Create something – a webpage from scratch using only HTML and CSS.
Keep doing it. That’s the only way you can remember all the different tags – by using them in your own project.

Watching video/youtube/tutorials won’t help. Well, you’d think you know the subject matter at that instant, but later, when presented with a blank page, you’d be back to not knowing what to do.
You can’t learn how to ride a bike watching a video of how to ride a bike!

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I started learning coding in school and everything went really fast. When it came time to do project work, I was always stuck. So your are not the only one.

The thing that helped me was an advice my teacher gave - start small and in its simplest form.
Always start with functionality first. Once everything works as it should then apply design to it. You’ll get confidence the more you code and build stuff.