How to implement good UX to an web application or website?

Hello everyone, I am working as a Front end developer for about 1.5 years. One thing I faced within this time in my two companies are UX needs. I developed application as per their instruction, business logic and theme.

But after someday they want the UX to be more simple and compact. They want the application to be more focused to customer. They bring example like Google, Apple as example and tells me to explore how to make the application more user friendly. I don’t have a UX co-worker here. So, the seniors are telling that they can’t explain the thing what exactly they want as all of them are back end or full stack developers. But, they want it to be smoother. Not animations or like that, but the process or arrangement or others.

I am bit confused about this. How can I ensure a good UX for an application? What should I know? Is there any good resources for UX design? Some learning material will be much appreciated.

Example: I was trying to open a bank account online, and without explanation the process stopped. I had to contact customer service to understand what was going on when they could have just added somewhere what it is that was missing or how much time was needed for an actual person to verify what was posted. orribile UX, I spent one evening and one morning on that

I would say, think the three most common things done in that website, make sure they can be done with the less number of clicks possible. Find an example of an average user that never used the website before and ask them to do that thing, how easy it is for them to find the pattern…

And that’s the simple way, then there is studying social engineering, an actual course on UX etc