How to keep on?

Hi, guys and girls!
In the next few days I’m going to be finishing the Basic Javascript section of the Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification, in the new curriculum.
In the old curriculum the next thing was Object Oriented Programming , if I recall properly, and then the Basic Algorithm Scripting.
I understand that the curriculum has been updated to go with the flow of industry and improving the learning path through what freecodecamp learnt from previous versions, but I feel like there is a longer gap between all the separate concepts that I will have learnt by the time that I finish Basic Javascript and the closest integration practices, and that if I follow the new curriculum I will have even more separate concepts that I will find harder to put on altogether. Hope this makes sense.
The thing is that I don’t know wether I should follow the new curriculum or go forward to the first Basic Algorithm Scripting section to get better practice integrating the concepts.
Thanks a lot in advance for your recommendations!

My advise would be what I am doing…

  1. I am continuing with the coding challenges where I left last time.
  2. Once the Index of challenges are completed then you can go back and work on the left ones or newly updated challenges.
  3. Once all are done under that curriculum eg: ‘Front-end-Development-Libraries’
    Then go back to start of this curriculum and check if the completed challenges are marked completed (or) Are there any updates available which you have to complete/update the code.

This way you will re-visit what you have completed and helps you to grasp & remember the concepts.

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I concur. I know that all these new materials were put together for a valid reason. I also noticed that they added some concepts that they might have skipped in the previous curriculum. I am doing the same now.

Hi, chinonsoebere!
Thanks a lot for your reply. Sorry but I couldn’t get to understand what will you be doing, if you skip part of the contents and go directly to the Basic Algorithm Scripting or you’ll follow the new curriculum.

@leotocca i didn’t skip the contents at all… i went back to the beginning and completed the new contents they have added