How to know if you are actually learning from free code camp

I’m learning CSS/HTML and going on to javascript I have reviewed and I was wondering if I learned anything I memorized most of the commands and I have hella notes on what can I do to reassure I can make a carrier about this and I’m learning something.

Hello @clarencejordan65 welcome to freeCodeCamp forums! Glad to hear you’ve been going through the curriculum and taking it seriously. :smiley:

So the ultimate “test” to see how much you know are the projects themselves. The projects are setup in a way where they are mostly hands off compared to the challenges, which are there more to introduce concepts you may need to use later. So there is a considerable jump from doing the challenges to doing the project, however if your able to do the project by utilizing all the tools you’ve learned, and possibly external resource help, then you are pretty much good.

However if you find yourself “hitting a wall” when you start or are doing the project, that is when the real learning/challenge begins where you must identify what your missing, and learn that concept. Its inevitable you will hit this “wall”, which is totally normal.

I usually do not suggest to focus much on memorizing things when starting out. The reason for this is because you will try to memorize everything, which is essentially impossible. Rather I recommend trying to remember what and why of each concept. What something is, and why you might need it are the two things you can leverage later to look up the rest, as Google is your friend. As long as you remember what something is, you can probably search for it. As long as you remember why you might need it, then you can look it up for the right situations.
Beyond the “what and why”, you might find yourself remembering concepts you keep running into over and over, and you will naturally remember it without forcing yourself, or “checking your notes”. This comes with time and just doing the work. If what your doing always requires you to remember something, your bound to remember it because its relevant to what your doing, rather than trying to memorize everything.

Good luck, keep up the good work, keep learning, and keep growing!