How to learn JavaScript - tools and resources

Hi fellow Campers,

I need your help :slight_smile: I have started my coding journey in March this year by signing up to FreeCodeCamp but I find myself always going back to the tutorials when it comes to JavaScript.

I have completed some projects before (Random Quote and the Weather App), however I am still quite insecure on the basics of JavaScript, let alone API requests etc.

Would you be able to suggest some good resources to learn JavaScript for someone who has been learning this before but would like to tackle the basics before working on the advanced projects?

I have looked at JavaScript30 so far :slight_smile:

Honestly, there’s no teacher like experience. Keep working on projects. When you hit a wall, do some tutorials separately from your project (in other words, do them on your own, but don’t try to shoehorn tutorial code into your project), read a bunch of StackOverflow, repeat old exercises. As you keep going through this experience you’ll be doing more and more on your own and you’ll be making more efficient use of resources.


I’m working on Job Ready Guide - JavaScript Edition 2.0in P1xt guide. There are plenty of project ideas. It helps me to organize my learning path and keep me on the right track. Why don’t you have a look at it and think if it matches your needs? :slight_smile:


The Odin Project has what looks to be a promising intro to javascript.
All free content. They are currently looking for beta testers to go through their newest revamp of the intro to JS
I’m heading there after finishing the upskill Rails tutorial.

Thanks for the links I think they will be really helpful:confused: