How to make a Linkedin profile with no work experience to find a job?

Hello guys. I’ve been studying web development for a few months, I already have my own portfolio, and now I’m looking for my first job as a jr developer.

Could someone help me on how I could fill in my linkedin to get a jr job without professional experience?

Thank you!!

I think there are 2 main routes:

  1. Fill it out with experience you can promote.

Stuff like project’s you’ve built, communities you’ve been in, or open source contributions among others. You can promote lots of stuff to “fill out” your linkedin that isn’t just 100% professional experience. If you don’t have any projects, or you aren’t part of any communities then this might be difficult. I’d take it as a sign to “get out there” more and start interacting with the dev community so you can promote it and show prospective employers your serious.

  1. Ignore linkedin

If your LinkedIn is bare, or has minimal effort put into it, or you just don’t have anything to really promote/show off then don’t use it. You can have one, but I wouldn’t promote it much in your resume or portfolio.

This might be a sign you don’t have much to market/leverage to prospective employers.

I want to point out that the “no work experience at all” is usually a red flag, and is bound to come up at some point during the process if your LinkedIn and resume has no mention of previous job history.

The main concern is any employer wont know how you are as an employee, let alone a developer. Having totally irrelevant work experience is at least work experience. So if you have none, you might have to address questions like “have you volunteered” or “have you worked on a team” or similar questions to make sure you’ll be ok in a work environment.

So I’d see if you can provide something to help address that hole in your resume. Something like working with others on a project is at least something, or even irrelevant past work experience should be put into your linkedin, but maybe save space on your resume and keep it small or possibly even off.

Linkedin has no space constraints, and should show a clear story of your professional work journey. So if your just starting out then it might be short, but it shouldn’t be blank.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:


Hi @luisacmn !

I would suggest watching Danny Thompson’s video series on linkedin.


Hey, thanks @jwilkins.oboe for posting this video series! I found the first video to be so insightful and encouraging with many tips and tricks to attract attention to a LinkedIn profile. The point was drilled that one’s profile is read by recruiters who probably don’t know technical jargon, so describe projects and skills in a way that could be explained to a family member. Really insightful advice! I look forward to watching more of the series.


Thank you very much!

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