How to make notes for web development while watching tutorials or online courses?

Hey Guys,
I want to ask for suggestions or advices on How to make Notes effectively and easily?, Because I have been Stuck for about 2 months with an only course which is only 14 hours long (Still 6 hours left in that).
It’s my bad habit of making extra descriptive notes like if a topic is 10 mins long, it would take me more than half an hour to watch it while making notes.
Because of this my productivity has declined. So, please help me out with this guys, I am getting frustrated.

The answer depends a bit, tbh.

First of all you need to figure out a few things. Why do you take notes? How often do you get back to your notes after writing them down? How much do you understand from your own notes?

There are a lot of ways of learning things, and taking notes is usually helpful, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Even if it takes you a longer time to go through a video, as long as it is helping you remember things later it’s fine.

Other than that I’d suggest to just try different approaches until you’re comfortable. Maybe watch one entire topic and then make some general notes. Keep adjuting until you find what works best for you.

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As brunopagno said, it depends.

What I do is just make notes of the key ideas and concepts. I don’t try to transcribe the whole video into text.

For me, my notes serve as a prompt to go look up key points later. I will even write down timestamps so I can go right to that time in the video if I want to find and watch that part again. Especially helpful if it is one super long video (6hrs in one go).

If I try to make notes that are too detailed, I end up not really using them much or spending more time perfecting my notes than actually learning the material lol

Although there is benefit in writing things down. It’s been said that when you write something down, you remember it better. I find that to be true for me up to a point.

But I think generally, the more time you spend with the ideas and concepts, the better understanding you will have. The time invested is not the issue. It is what are you focusing on during that time.

I would say you should learn what works for you. If you don’t know that, I’d recommend taking this course (it’s free):

Personally I do a combination of short textual notes, command-line statements if applicable, short code blocks, and if there’s something visual on a screencast that I can’t easily capture in a textual format then I’ll take a screenshot.

Because the others are probably self-explanatory (command-line statements, code blocks, and screenshots), this is an actual example of textual notes that I have saved from a course that I did on Lynda (HTML5 Structure, Syntax, and Semantics which I highly recommend):

3. Grouping Content with HTML5

- Grouping content with asides
	if an <aside> is nested inside a parent element, it's considered as related to the parent's content
	otherwise (if it has no parent), it relates to the entire document
- Using divs in HTML5
	try to avoid <div> unless needed for styling purposes
- Working with lists in HTML5
	HTML5 allows <ol> to show reversed
	can use <dl> to display lists with a one-to-many relationship
- Emphasizing text correctly
	use <b> and <i> carefully (defer to, use CSS for strictly-visual italics or bold

Thanks a lot all of you. I am really grateful for your help, I am gonna try different approaches to make notes, as @brunopagno said.
@a_aramini what you said is exactly what I have been doing, I am making too much detailed notes which I realized now that is really time consuming to read even.
@astv99 Thanks for this course Buddy, I am gonna start with this right away and thanks again for sharing your approach.

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