How to network with people and be REMOTE job ready?

I will be passing from my uni after a year and I made some projects at an intermediate level (subjectively), brushed up my data structures and algorithm to be able to solve interview questions. Things I need to work on are

  1. Networking with people and creating new opportunities for me.
  2. To be able to get a remote job as a fresher.
    can someone guide me over this?

This a common question. If you search through this forum, you will find a lot of information. You can just search for “remote work” since most of the people asking this question are “freshers”.

I feel like they will hurt their chances of a job since they are reducing their potential job opportunities by only wanting remote not only that but it’s harder to shadow/learn from experienced devs if you’re remote.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t really think new devs have a lot of leeway since most of the demand for devs in for senior/experienced devs.

  1. Join online communities, engage with people there.
  2. Attend online conferences/tech events.
  3. Contribute to Open Source.
  4. Engage with people’s content online on Twitter etc.
  5. Cold email companies/devs you like.
  6. Write blogs, share them online.

I think these are some of the good points which you can consider and do as much as you can. They don’t guarantee job opportunity but are helpful.

I wrote this thread based on Eliot Stanford’s blogpost, you can check out this, it might be of some help to you.

I’m currently working as a Freelancer and what had worked for me till this point is putting myself out online and cold emailing brands.

I’ve been approached by companies many times who’ve read my articles to create content for them.

Everyone’s journey is not the same so try out various things and see which works best for you.

Best of luck!

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A lot of times junior positions aren’t advertised as well. And a lot of times job qualifications in job ads are just wish lists.

There is a false hope shown in industry regarding this, the IT industry is showing “oh year, the market is hot right now”.

Right, but that’s just a measure of the ratio of jobs to applicants - that is not “false hope”, that is an observation.

It is very, very, very hard to get that first job. Yes, a lot of blogs, bootcamps, etc., play that down and act like it is easy. No, it isn’t. The second job is very often relatively easy, but the first one is almost always extremely difficult to get.

I need a job, so I daily read the J.D. and they are not for junior positions.

I don’t know what “the J.D.” is so I can’t comment on it. But as said, places tend to not advertise junior positions as much, and when they do, they often seem inflated to the uninitiated. But there is going to be something there. Apply for anything even close. Reach out and meet people, hook up on linkedin, find a way.

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100%. When I was leaving my last job, I looked at the Job Description that was posted for my replacement and the requirements were baffling. Heck, even I wouldn’t have “qualified” for the job with the “requirements” they had posted even though I worked there for a few years.

To give more background, when I applied for that job years ago I wasn’t “qualified” either so it goes to show how inflated job descriptions/requirements are. Key thing is to get an interview and nail it which can be hard due to all the screening.


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