How to recall former classes when starting new class?

Hi all! Just started 3rd curriculum here and already forgetting content of 1st course, because I learn sth new now and do not practice 1st topic any more. It is a matter of time management I guess. The day is finite, so how do others structure their week? If I practice 1st and 2nd course like 1x each a week - which is not much -, then I have only 5 days left for progress in new 3rd course. Hm…
Thank you for your thoughts!

I guess it depends. Why are you choosing these courses specifically? We tend to forget things we don’t practice. But even though when you study well and practice a lot there are things you will forget, no matter what. It’s just too much information and a lot details that are easy to miss. Even small errors in coding can produce problems.

My advice to you is to set up a routine. Take a few moments of your week to look things up, even if it is basic stuff, like HTML tags, their attributes. Maybe you don’t remember how to check if an object has a property or not… Always coding new projects or improving old ones will help you retain information better, but you will have to research things, basic concepts or not. And this is EXTREMELY common. Unfortunately this is how the game is for most people, including myself.

I hope I could be of any help to you! Sorry for the bad English! Wish you the best in your studies. God bless you.

I am not a native speaker either. =]
Thank you so much for your thoughts!
A befriended computer scientist advised me to learn python first, supposed to be easiest language.
Afterwards I cleared the html/css course, because I want to become a front end developer. Third I started off with JS, because you need it for web programming.
html/css is something different, but now JS seems to “overwrite” python in my head, because both have the same elements (loops, if-conditions, arrays…), but other commands.
One of the moderators here recommended “frontend mentor” with lots of projects for beginners, guess this is great to keep practicing.
Nevertheless, when I practice one language I feel guilty for not practicing another language that day…
How can professional programmers remember 6,7,8 languages all the time?
Its a long journey - good night! :slight_smile:

I can relate to that; forgetting learned skills is something I’ve experienced too. Our brain has a remarkable ability to optimize its storage space by letting go of unused memories. One approach to counteract this is to find intriguing projects and actively apply the skills you’ve learned. In my experience, consistent application of these skills eventually leads to a form of muscle memory, making it much harder to forget. Thus, perhaps an effective strategy could be to focus on learning one language thoroughly and continually using it before transitioning to a new language.

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Thank you so much for your thoughts! The day unfortunateley just has 24 hours and recalling everything and practicing all all the time is a lot.

I use the forum to help me retain information.

About 30 mins a day reading though people questions and helping where I feel I’m able really helps me to retain the things I’ve learnt without using up all my time.

Sometimes people will ask a simple question, I’m unsure of, so will look up a reference.
Its a great way to spot areas I could use more practice in.
But I also accept its not necessary for me to remember, or be an expert in everything.

Even if you don’t answer any posts, I recommend reading through at least a couple a day.

I’ve also found it helpful to read some that are ahead of where I am in the course.
To give me a ‘heads up’ of what’s to come, it can give some familiarity with the topic that makes it easier when I reach it

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