How to run checklist test for your responsive web design projects

Hey y’all, I just opened my html/css projects after stepping away for a while and moving onto the javascript section. Can someone remind me how to check and see if i’ve implemented all the necessary code to pass the project? I remember someone showing me how to incorporate the hamburger menu that helps test your projects and I can’t remember how to implement it. Thank you!

in the project description you are given a link to use for testing, copy that link, open the pen settings, go to the JavaScript section and paste the link in one of the fields for external resources

i still don’t really understand, i pasted it in the JS section and still don’t see anything. I remember incorporating it with the html section and then some hamburger menu opening up or something like that

forgive me, i figured it out. my apologies!

the JavaScript section of the settings, not the JS box of the editor