How to start HTML and CSS

Please I need to know how to navigate the HTML and CSS training Menu.I’ve been finding it from the menu page but I can’t seem to get it…

Thank you.

start from here:

The way to use the curriculum is to start from the first project and work your way down.
(so start from the Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App and complete the steps inside)

Thanks and I really appreciate

If your having trouble with leaning HTML CSS, its likely because you’re not looking in other areas to help your learning.

when you come across something you don’t know about, remember, its not something your expected to know right away.

try these things:

-search the tag, concept or word in a web browser.
-look to other websites for information such as or
-try to find videos on youtube that explain it visually
-try explaining it to someone else
-join one of the code discords and join in with, or listen in on their discussions.
(you could also read through HTML5 CSS books for beginners, from the library if they have copies)

code isn’t something I’ve found easy, but the more someone is around it,
the more you pick up, without even realising.

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