How to submit a solution wrote in my device to FFC?

Glitch is giving an error when I try to clone from Github, so I’m doing the challenges of node js on my local pc with visual studio, how can I submit my solutions to FFC?

What is the error on Glitch? Give us more details.

Glitch will only clone from GitHub if you connect your GitHub account to Glitch.

To answer your original question: in order to submit a project for FCC, there needs to be a live version of your project and the code must be publicly viewable. When you use something like Glitch, then both of these goals are accomplished with the same URL. If you choose to host your project somewhere else, you may need to include a link to a public repository in your project itself.

“Arg, something went wrong. Try again? :@”

I’m trying for a weak, just can’t get the files to glitch even with changing the browser, making new accounts.
I tried to copy codes manually but FFC can’t submit the solutions even with the app link.

I signed up with my Github account, so they should be connected right?

The only issue I know of related to Glitch is that it will fail on that step if the user is not logged into their GitHub account through Glitch. There may be other issues with Glitch that I don’t know about.

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I tried to imported again, with my Github account again it worked.

I’m glad to hear that! It sounds like Glitch was having a glitch when you tried before.