How to submit certification project?

how to submit Certification project i don’t know how there is no link in solution


Welcome! You don’t need to link anything. Click on the certification you want to do then simply copy/paste or type your code in there. Run the tests, and if they pass you can submit your code!

how do you download one?

hey @jasper2 , please open your topic for your own questions

thank you for your answer.
but here in certification project the progress not registred

If you are building the project in fCC 's code editor, you have manually to save the code. Then when you go back in what you saved will be there. The save button is located in the Instructions panel below the “Run the Tests” button.

but i should be able to submit the solution , the problem is i don’t have the button to save it show solution i dont have it, like me is the first picture (The post picture) ???

if you never passed the tests and submitted a project, that’s normal

Ok, I think we are missing each other somewhere. If you already typed the project and submitted it, but its not showing up, then you might be in the wrong Responsive Web Design. There are 2 one being the new style and one being the old. If you typed up your project and linked it (old style) you can no longer link to, and the code you want to submit must be in the fCC code editor. If you typed code, but didn’t submit and didn’t save then unfortunately that work was lost.

it dosen’t show me where to sub

mit my project like the picture

you have to submit here :arrow_double_up:

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the “show solution” button appears only after you have completed the project

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i have completed the project but i need where to submit the show solution button i dont have where to submit the project i dont have solution.

you need to write the code in the editor, run the tests, if it passes all the tests then you can submit

i have writed the code and it working but no where to submit the solution

Can you do us a favor and please post the project that isnt saying showing solution so we can look at it to make sure you pass all of the lessons i n it.

press “Run the tests”

if you pass all the tests, you get the “Submit” button

yes. i just went and checked my project too. You have to submit like a lesson and your done.

Thank you so much it worked Now with enter + Ctrl keybored shorcut thank you a lot ilenia.