Problem with my projects to be saved in my historic

Hi, I am having a problem with some projects that I have submitted but are not checked here. I have done all the 5 pages from the Responsive Website list, I have submitted them and passed to the new theory (Javascript), however, when I checked to see if I could get a certificate for that, it says that I have to do 3 more… I didn’t saved my works because I have submitted them already. What do I do? How can I get this projects back?

By the way, I have tried to sign out and in again, but it didn’t work

When you submit your projects all you are doing is providing a link to the live version of your project. Your code is not being submitted so you shouldn’t delete your projects. If someone views your cert they can then click on the submitted links to see your project. If you’ve deleted them, there is nothing to see.

There may have been an issue when you submitted which is why there are three that show as not being submitted.
Are you able to see the code from the other two?

When you say “I didn’t saved my works because I have submitted them already” where was the live version of your projects? They shouldn’t be local. Did you have pens on codepen and then deleted those pens?

Can I ask more clearly? After I finished my page, it gives me a web address, then I take this and submitted… where did I go wrong? I have done the same thing in all 5 times and only 2 were ok, the 3 others are not checked there.

Please provide the links of the two that were ok

I went there and there is no link… it only shows checked … tribute page and personal portfolio. However I have submitted all 5 the same way… don’t know what to do

From click on Menu and then click on Settings
Scroll down and just past the Academic Honesty Policy you’ll see the Certifications section.
That shows the Project Name and there’s a box that says “Show Solution”.
Hover, or click, on those and provide the link(s) so we can see

Here’s a sample of what you’re looking for

even that there is a problem

That link is to FCC’s pen.
From that page you should have clicked on the “fork” link in the lower right. You would have to have created your own codepen acc’t beforehand.

If you edited that link to do the project it was not saved. You’ll notice there is no “save” button. You cannot edit and save a pen that is not yours.

None of your projects were created or submitted properly.

Do you have an account on codepen? If so can you see any of your projects?
From your original post, once you submit your projects you do not want to delete them from your codepen account.

Really??? Still, the system my have a problem because its counting 2 done… I can’t believe I will have to redo them…

There was a time not too long ago when it accepted FCC’s codepen link without giving the user an error. That has since been corrected. Maybe that is why you are seeing the two.

Yes you’ll have to redo them.
Remember to keep the test script when you fork the pen. Then you can run the checks to see if the user stories were completed successfully. The test script, with all tests passing, should be included when you submit your projects.

There is no testing done when you submit your projects. If you’d like for others to give you feedback you can submit the link to your completed project to the #project-feedback subforum.

Thank you very much for the help

Glad to help. Have fun with the projects.

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