How to use glitch?

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What am i supposed to do on glitch ? there is no myApp.js file there

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Did you use the link in the introduction to create the Glitch app?

Yes, I’am assuming i have to create a new project ?

If you click on the link in the introduction, it will create a new project for you.

I made a new project. Changed the client.js file and inserted just
console.log("Hello World")
but i can’t pass the test by submitting this live app. Am I doing something wrong?
Here is the link.

No, you must use the link specified in the challenge (see below) or the introduction page.

If you have not already done so, please read the instructions in the introduction and start a new project on Glitch using this link.

Click the this link. to start a new project. Otherwise, it will not have the necessary code to test your app.

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Oh, i see. Let me check if i can pass the test with this. Thanks.