How to use scss/saass with brackets editor

Hey there fellow campers,

So far I have been doing all my responsive design projects and javascript projects on codepen and respectively.

However, for my technical documentation project, I switched to the brackets editor as codepen was not working smoothly. I really enjoyed working on brackets especially the live preview button.

Currently, I have started my frontend library projects. I have decided to do "A random quote machine"using jquery and sass. The problem is "How to use sass/scss with brackets?".

From StackOverflow, I found this link which installs the following extension Brackets SASS. This method did not work out for me.

So I wanted to ask, is there any way I can use sass with brackets with ease? One general question, am I missing something while using brackets which other editors (VScode, Atom etc) provide. How is sass integration with these editors?

I would be thankful for any guidance as I myself have zero knowledge about this.


I would definitely say check out VS code it’s super nice and it’s being very actively developed. You can get an extension called Live Sass Compiler, which in my quick test, does seem to work.

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Okay I would give that a try…But Brackets live preview felt so easy to use

Check out the extension Live Server, it does the same.

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