How website reacting with user individually?

I make a website and put this on GitHub as a project. My website is like to-do list.
When I use (add or delete an item from the list) this website, I am changing the data of this page. But if someone else uses this site then, she/he will see my list. But the apps or websites we use for todo lists are different. I use my own list and you will use a different list according to your task. Your task and my task won’t mix.

So, how those apps or websites made that reacting individually to users?
And why my Github page behaving like, it’s just made for one person?

to have user accounts you need a backend, a server side logic and a database to store data

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so, I can’t make something like this just knowing HTML, CSS, and javascript. Right?

nodejs is a back-end language, so you would not need to learn much more for that, but you would need a database language - luckily for you, the freeCodeCamp curriculum cover these things

also note that if you don’t use any way to save data, then what you do is just for current session, and no one else can see what you did there.

meanwhile you learn back-end you could make use of local storage, that would limit the use of the app to a single browser, and would loose all data if the user clean cache, but it can be a start

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Thank you so much!
There is many interesting thing to learn :grin: