Html and css seems so dry compared to python/javascript

html and css seems really boring to me. i could study python and django all day but can barely spend over one and a half hours a day on html and css.

i think i just find front end really dry. i do use other materials alongside fcc for variety and i only have four parts left of the responsive web design course so will probably finish it by the end of this week.

i also sometimes build some projects with just html and css but tbh just want to start with javascript.

how many of you feel like this?

There will always be boring parts of the work. A lot of people (myself included) don’t really enjoy HTML and CSS. For what it’s worth, most of the time spent on front end development isn’t spent on HTML of CSS. Once you are familiar with HTML and CSS, you rarely have to put a lot of effort into it.


I used to, and still feel the same way about HTML and CSS.

You don’t need to like everything about web dev. There are specialisations in web dev, Front End and Back End. If you enjoy Python / Django more than HTML / CSS / JS, maybe you would be better of specialising in back end development.

Though depending on what your job may be, you might still have to learn HTML / CSS / JS, but you may be able to spend less time on it and more time on Back End development

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You may also want to explore more interesting projects done in the front end just to peak your interest.

Checkout Awwwards, I use this site a lot for finding inspiration. All of this is done in the front end, some of them even using WebGL

yeah i am definately going for backend development. i realised i needed to learn html and css for a job. glad im not alone x.x

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Any job requires you to do some work that you may not enjoy. But do not feel discouraged, the satisfaction you feel when you complete a task that you “didn’t enjoy” is one of the best feelings you can get

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at what point do i know if im familiar with html and css?

There isn’t a specific point that you would know that you are familiar with it. But you will never actually feel familiar with HTML and CSS until you start working on your own projects or real world projects.

If you are able to successfully build a project that you have in mind, even while “struggling” to do so, you are prepared to use your skills for the real world.

Even experienced developers can sometimes struggle at the simplest task, and feel like they are unfamiliar with the simplest’s of concepts.

As long as you are able to complete the task on hand, you are capable enough.

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thanks i am definately almost there

When you can do most of the stuff you want to without having to think too hard about it.

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