HTML — BUILDING a registration form — STEP36

Did the author of this text mean to write “Without which, the content of the option will [not] be submitted to the server?"

I think the English arrangement is missing the word “NOT,” and that omission is preventing me from trusting the instruction and the message. I will move forward with my gut feelings believing that, to my understanding , of the grammatical rule, the word “Not” should follow suit in the sentence.

It’s probably a typo. Please correct it.

Thank you.

It is not a typo.
What do you believe the phrase “the text content of the option” here means vs what the value attribute will send to the server?

If no value attribute defined, then “the text content of the option” which is “not useful” will be sent to the server.

Look at the select option and try to identify the meaning of “text” here.

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