I am not prepared for responsive web design challenges

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All I can feel is I am an idiot who didn’t learn at all.
The difficulty is so hard to reproduce “easy” form pages I feel so stupid and all I want is to give up.
All previous challenges were easy but when you get to this point you definitely haven’t the tools to build this page.
I spent so many hours on this challenge and I have no idea about it. It requires custom CSS forms I didn’t learn at all, background filters, high level semantic HTML and I almost can’t differentiate article from section.
How is it required to do this hard desing for begginers?
At the end I inspected the page to found they are applying linear gradients and filters to the background image and I have 0 understanding on what is going on with containers and classes. The background is not moving with scroll, no idea bout how to do that.

Please I’m so triggered I spending more than 1000h on HTML and CSS and i’m not able to do a !@#$ing form like this because the level required is so hard to achieve it I am loosing my hope to be able to do web design at all.

Guys I am MONTHS in freeCodeCamp and I can’t manage to do this form. Why is it SO hard compared to previous lessons?

I just submit a HTML with the basic form and move on because I am defeated.

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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Hi @moracabanas !

Welcome to the forum!

I need to stress this for you and every beginner reading this post.

The goal is not to recreate the samples.

You are not expected to recreate the sample page and have the same knowledge of the person that created it.

The sample page is just one way to code it.

It is totally fine to create a more simple version of the form.

The sample pages were created by professionals.

They will have more knowledge and tricks up their sleeve.

Creating a simple version of the form that passes the tests is completely fine.

Hope that helps!

The idea is not to reproduce the sample projects. They show just one way the project can be completed.

The instructions say your project should be “functionally similar” and to “give it your own personal style”.
If you’re unsure about using a background image then don’t feel any pressure to use one.

The main goal of the projects is to ensure you meet the user requirements and make it responsive.

No one is really good at designing. And you’re not expected to be. As you progress you may want to come back and redo some of the projects. Or you may not.

Have fun with the projects. Make it your own and try not to stress.

First of all, you’re not an idiot, programming takes time and you can get frustrated very easily, so it’s normal, I spend years trying to learn to code, however I thought it would be impossible for me, but I didn’t give up.
if the course doesn’t go well for you, maybe you should try something more visual, FreeCodeCamp has a youtube channel that you will finde a lot of tutorials, and there are well explained.

I linked this tutorial on HTML and CSS, the tutorial is 11h and 30min long so you will get a good base about the fundamentals and what you will need.
Another thing is that I recommend you to install a code editor like Visual Code, Atom, Pycharm, NetBeans.
These are some names of some editor codes.
There are not necessary to use one, however, it will help you if you use it

Good luck :sunglasses:

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