I am struggling with css and html

So i started html and finished it same as css but when im making a website i have no clue where to start and feel like ive wasted all my time by learning this. i dont even know why classes are used sometimes and my head is in shambles. someone pls help me

You would start with an idea, how you want your website to look like, where stuff will be, pages. Only then you would start coding to make your vision a reality.

Since we’re beginners, we don’t know how to use the tools to achieve all we dream, so we start with the basics, the absolutely essentials, the html, head, body, and so on.

You’ll basically put all the “boxes” and stuff you need with HTML, and then use CSS later to transform the white page with black text into a paradise of colors and stuff.

It is hard, you can’t just complete basic steps and expect to be able to do anything, it takes time to really understand how things are connected.

Would you like to better explain what you’re having problems with? You need to keep practicing, keep doing basic stuff, if you can’t do it yourself, repeat until you don’t need the tutorial anymore. Don’t give up because of the difficulty!


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