I cannot see courses any longer

hi everyone,

i got my first certficate in responsive web development, my first certification in freecodecamp

i see a notification to update my profile which i did
yet i cannot move ahead to the lesson area, it keeps bringing me back to update my profile,

what do i do?

if you are at freecodecamp.org/learn just scroll down for the list of challenges and click on the one you want to do

pls read my messages over again.

Try signing into FCC via Incognito/Private mode and attempt to move on to the next lesson. If that works, then you’ll need to clean your cookies/cache.

where do i click to go incognito?

please post a screenshot, becuase I do not understand what your issue is.

If you see "update my account setting", just scroll down.

You can reach the lessons at freecodecamp.org/learn