I did it! i finished the JS Course!

i finally finished the JavaScript course!

i am really thankful to all the efforts made into creating this whole platform, and its wonderful and wholesome community, but right now i have just a few questions:

  1. how do i download this image as a PDF? (the picture above is a screenshot)
  2. where would you guys recommend i go from here (in terms of learning CS)?
  3. how can i prepare a proper resume or CV early on?

for context: im a 15 year old high schooler who is interested in learning as many things related to computers as possible.


You can use the browser print function and print to PDF

continue with the curriculum, there is a lot to learn

keep learning, you are really young, and you may be too young to work for the labor laws of your country. But if you continue both your studies at school and out of school focused on CS you will do great. If you can, enroll in courses at your school focused on CS. Once you finish high school, also superior education is a good idea.


Congratulations @tam69 !

That is a great achievement!

May you find much success in your programming future!

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Congratulations well done, I admire you :clap: keep firing :fire:

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