I don't know how I'm feeling

Ok so I recently started to get into web design on Figma and turns out I actually enjoy it and I am decent at it. I joined a discord group of web developers and introduced myself there saying I design websites.
A few hours later someone sent me a message saying they wanted a collab with me and wanted my help to design their app. I was really happy with the opportunity, it was going to be (and it is) my first real project with someone who want to work with me.

With this in mind my thoughts of using web design and front end development in the future as a source of income as a freelancer became more real. However I think I just can’t believe I am capable of doing it. I can’t figure out what I am feeling. I want to be a freelancer and work on web design and development and work on real projects with people but I think I don’t believe in myself that much and I have no idea how to change this.

Everytime I imagine myself starting to freelance and talking about it with friends and family I always feel ridiculous as if working as a web developer is something I could never work with even though I am learning about it and enjoy it.

I am not sure if this was me asking for advice or just venting about how I feel. Either way, thank you if you have read this until here.


This is a textbook definition of imposter syndrome and it’s a perfectly normal stage to go through. (in fact you may go through it more than once throughout your journey), however, the reality is you are a web designer/developer. You got invited to Collab on a project which is awesome sauce and it sounds like you’re doing a great job teaching yourself more and more by the day.

Some communities are not the friendliest when it comes to inclusion and can try to convince you that you’re not a real developer if you’re not doing or have done xyz but you’re in an awesome supportive community that will call it like it is.

Be proud of the work you have done and the work you’re going to do. Come to terms with the fact that there will be moments where you don’t know how to move forward but be ready to reach out and find the answer that will project you forward or where the find the motivation to continue (here!)

This rant hits a little close to the heart with me as I’ve felt this feeling you’re feeling numerous times. It took a lot of self reflecting and talks with my fellow learners to realize how common this feeling is and how important it is to break through the barrier you’re facing in front of you.

You’re going to do awesome things. Make sure to share every glorious moment with all of us as they’re sure to motivate someone else struggling.


Thank you for your help.
I have heard of imposter syndrome before but don’t really know what it is. I hope I can overcome it because it is very frustrating sometimes.
It makes me feel less alone knowing it is a normal stage to go through.

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Imposter syndrome normally means you don’t think you’re qualified enough or that you somehow slipped into the ranks and don’t really belong there.

It’s a feeling that there’s more qualified people out there and you’ll never be at that level.

At least that’s how I would describe it and I know you can definitely overcome it. Just stay focused and keep doing what you’re doing!

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