I don't really understand how it's possible to have long streaks here

i mean it’s kind of silly but still

even if you take your time doing the scripting challenges, every project breaks your streak by design

i had some time on my hands recently so i did a lot of challenges and among the other things i did all the 4 intermediate front-end projects from jan 2 to jan 5 which i guess was pretty fast since i never did something like that before even though i had a vague idea of css and knew some basic coding. guess what? it broke my streak because i couldn’t complete the twitch channels viewer in one day (dem functions refused to execute in the proper order and when i made them i realized i would have better made it look pretty [relatively pretty, my design skills need some work] before doing the js stuff because testing the css stuff got harder so i simply used a monospace font instead of dividing the text by a nested row with nested columns, i mean to range the text properly with counted white space intervals etc).

in the three days after that i completed all the intermediate and advanced algorithm scripting challenges (since i knew some basic coding it wasn’t hard, except for some recursive stuff) and now i have a series of projects again. i won’t have so much time for a while now so i guess every one of them will take me several days minimum. it means my 3 day streak has ended and it’s possible i will not have any streak again because back-end stuff seems mostly to be practical projects that need about 1-2 days minimum to complete too

I had no streaks for weeks at a time , it doesn’t mean that I was idle , when the projects get more and more complex and you develop locally , streaks will not show up since you are not directly interacting with the freeCodeCamp interface. There are loggers like wakatime that you can integrate into your ide that track how many hours you’ve been coding if you need to keep track of stuff like that. But generally, as long as you know more than you did a day, week or month ago , that is all that matters.


Get a calendar and cross dates off that :smiley:

Hey, you’re accomplishing projects 1000% faster than most people on here I think - well done!
Are you a robot? :slightly_smiling_face:
Don’t worry about your streak. It means nothing.

I believe you can keep your streak up by participating in the forums and stuff. Posting here should count toward the streak iirc.


@garroadran Participating in the forum doesn’t affect your streak. Someone thanking you on gitter chat does (and it’s relatively easy to get thanks on gitter chat; I’m actually guilty of getting my streak extended through chat)

+1 this!
I worry about it with my github page because I might have a week without a commit but I am really coding learning new things.