I get blocked when trying to write code

Hello, I have followed several javascript courses because it fascinates me.
I have a problem when it comes to creating code and I do not get anything, I’m only able to write by copying other examples.
I block myself and it’s hard for me to write, I do not have ideas.
Do you have any ideas to overcome my problem?
Thank you.

I would just start with a small project. Think of any small school, business or life related task you would like to automate. Start putting on paper what your small app should do. Think logically about the processes that you need in order to accomplish the task.

Go write some simple html for the page structure and add to it some not fancy css just for simple styling.

Here comes the javascript part you need to add in order to make functional and interactive your static html/css you have written.

In most of the cases you can divide your javascript part into small functions each one with a specific task. Think of the logical flow of these functions and the relationships between them to make them work as an whole.

You will get some results, maybe not the right ones in the beginning, but you can always ask for guidance and help.


Thanks for the ideas, I will try to follow your advice.