I got a job! At last!

Just wanna thank Quincy and the FCC community for the motivation. A bit about me… I’m a self taught dev (as many of us are) with no CS background, no CS degree… My degree is in Music, which I planned on getting into teaching several years ago. That didn’t work out, so I worked other menial dead end jobs to make ends meet. For several years I was feeling lost, insecure and directionless.

Thankfully I discovered FCC in Nov 2016. From then until now, 2 and a half years on, I basically learned on and off. There were months where I would learn and code day by day, and there were months where I would not code at all. Regardless of how my journey went on a daily basis, I felt a great sense of purpose learning. I felt the difficulties of balancing a full time job where I was made to do overtime that I did not want to do. Despite that, I persisted. I knew I wanted this and I would like to encourage those who feel constrained in their learning by life commitments like having a full time job, having a family or any other urgent duties that it is ok to take your time. Everyone is different and has different circumstances that make things easier/more difficult for them to learn to code. The key thing to always remember is one step a day is better than no step at all.

Another factor that can be accounted for as to why I have only just gotten a job now is because I didn’t have the confidence to apply earlier. Key thing to learn here is don’t be afraid to apply even if you think you don’t match all the requirements! You’d be surprised how many recruiters will come at you! Web development is in huge demand and the truth is nobody really knows everything, especially as a junior. After coding for almost 2 and a half years, it is really only mid March this year that I started actively looking for jobs. I got 7 rejections before getting an offer. Don’t be disheartened by rejections. It will happen. Just be patient and keep applying and it only takes ONE company to say yes.

For those interested in the tech stack, the job is a PHP role working with WordPress theme development. If you wanna land that first job sooner, I’d say definitely learn PHP. It’s not part of the FCC curriculum so you’ll have to learn from other sources, but it is definitely a valuable skill in the web development world, despite the bad name it gets among developers that wanna work with more modern technologies. As a new/aspiring developer, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain in terms of job opportunities by learning PHP.

Thank you again to everyone for the motivation. I look forward to a great career ahead!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing your story.

Do you know yet what you’re new role will entail? Is it a large /small company?

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Congrats! Did you have some kind of online portfolio to show employers whom you were applying to, or did you just explain to them your coding knowledge when they responded to you?


Thanks for sharing! Could you tell us which technologies you focused on?

Congratulations, Can you please tell us how the interview passes ?

Great work! Your story is actually pretty similar to mine.

If you see this in time and you’re still in London, you should come join us tonight: https://www.meetup.com/freeCodeCamp-London/events/260733316/

If not there’s another one in a couple of weeks :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your advice with others! Also congratulations on getting your first developer job. Persistence is the most important quality to have in my humble opinion.


Congratulations :grinning:

Can you share what sort of projects were on your portfolio/resume?

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Congratulations! This is really encouraging for me. I have a full time job and a family and do get pretty disheartened about my prospects. I’ve not actually applied for any roles yet, which is of course the main limiting factor! Congratulations again and hope to hear more about your progress.


Hey! Congratulations. This is a great inspiration for me. If you don’t mind, can you share your resume with me? I would like to see what I can do to improve my resume and apply for jobs as I am actively looking for jobs as a junior developer. Thanks!

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Congrats! I’m a musician too…I practice and teach during the day, and I just started learning to code in the evenings. 70% of the way through a Udemy Web Developer course. Best of luck to you!


Thank you for sharing your story! As an artist (novelist) also transitioning into SD, this was something I needed to read today. Congrats!


So it’s a PHP / WordPress role that involves customising themes and developing custom plugins. It’s a medium sized business that’s growing fast across Europe. I’m really excited to dive deeper into backend development!


I had a portfolio of 5 projects that demonstrated my knowledge of the stack I work with, which is the LAMP stack. I also received a technical test and got quizzed for PHP questions in the interview. To be honest, I didn’t do too amazingly well with the technical score, but I guess what got me the job was my ability to express how passionate I am to learn more and my willingness to adapt.


LAMP stack with WordPress

It was a matter of showing my passion for learning. As a junior, you’ll be tested with technical questions and tests. But the one thing that trumps it is your ability to show you’re really dedicated to learn more.


Thank you for this! I wasn’t quick enough to see this on time, please do let me know if there are other events! I’d love to come down!


I followed the advice of the popular developer YouTuber CodingPhase - There is a great video here where he gives great portfolio project examples. I closely followed his suggestions. Give this a try.


Thank you for your message! I know it’s easy to get disheartened by life duties. Just think about how bad you want the result and think of the difference you could really make in changing your family’s lives. Trust me, I still did not feel ready to apply even though I started applying. Nobody will really truly feel 100% ready. Nobody knows everything in the beginning. You have nothing to lose by applying. Just go for it. If you get rejected by a company, that means you’re one step closer to getting accepted by the one you should be working with. Best of luck!

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Key thing to consider with the resume is highlight your projects as much as possible. If you have any work experience that is not relevant, that won’t be too important to put on your CV. You may include education if you want but again, most important thing is to feature and showcase your projects as much as possible. Make that the core of your CV. Also links to your Github and CodePen can help a lot.

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