Hi CodeCamp team,

My name is Iliya and I recently started the “Machine Learning using TensorFlow” course on your website. I have completed all of the course materials and am eager to work on the project and claim my certification.

However, I am having difficulty with the “Rock Paper Scissors” project as it doesn’t seem to be covered in the course videos. I am not sure what I need to do to complete the project. Can you please provide me with some guidance or resources that can help me complete the project?

I am willing to do additional research and learn on my own to complete the project and claim my certification. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support!

Search it on YT maybe you will get someone’s video of this project.

Please don’t copy somebody else’s video. That’s a violation of the academic honestly policy and will get your certification revoked.

bro i search in youtube , ask gpt , but nothing found , i think this is the project link Machine Learning with Python Projects - Rock Paper Scissors | Learn | freeCodeCamp.org

what the hell :joy: , i just ask a question

You didn’t talk about copying somebody else’s video. That reply is in response to the comment talking about copying somebody else’s video…

oh , i get it bro , my bad , but anyway, thanks by the way

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I haven’t done this project personally. I know you need to use the ideas in the course tlve the project, but there are people who have done that project. If you get the ball rolling with what your ideas are on what pieces might be involved, they can jump in and help shape your ideas to code.

I have actually finished all the projects and only this initial one is left and I don’t want this to hinder me from getting my certificate and I just want to know if the rock paper scissor project has not been added to the training course yet?

A walkthrough of the project isn’t supposed to be part of the course

I mean, in order to solve the rock paper scissors project, should more courses be added so that I can solve this project, it is written in the project specification: We are still developing the interactive instructional part of the machine learning curriculum. For now, you need to use other resources to learn how to overcome this challenge.

You are getting to the project via here, right?

yes , i see all of the videos and i am ready to solve all of the project but the first one i think dont teach me in the series of videos

The videos don’t give you step by step instructions to solve the projects. This is on purpose.

You are supposed to use the knowledge in the videos to develop your own steps to solve these projects.

yeah , and i know that , but It has nothing to do with artificial intelligence or anything I have learned in this course .

The course is about machine learning, right? This project is about machine learning.


You may search “Rock Paper Scissors” in this forum to get some ideas of the approaches other users are using in tackling this challenge. But you may look deeper into older threads as this type of discussion mostly happens quite some time ago.

I think two topics covered in the course materials may be relevant in solving the RPS challenge: Hidden Markov Models and Q-learning.

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