I have a question on the change of difficulties of challenges

I have a question. Why from challenge 119 (if I remember it right), the difficulties increases so much that we have to figure out how to make fancy web pages all by ourselves? I am currently stuck on challenge 120, the personal portfolio page. I don’t even know where to start. Am I doing this wrong? Or figuring out how to make fancy pages all by ourselves it the point? If that’s the case, what is the meaning of free code camp? Give us some examples to follow? and some really fundamental idea of html etc.?

I think I was wrong. I saw the study map where basic javascript tutorial is after the portfolio page, which means I don’t have to make some thing similar to the example page where a bunch of java script are applied. I think I will just make a simple web page based on the requirement from the project.

Thank you very much! I got the point. All I need it patience, and I will definitely try.

Getting dropped into the deep end of the pool is very good for you sometimes. FCC has a very good pacing IMHO, Im currently at the Weather App, and it has taught me a lot about what I dont know yet. It gets easier as you learn what to ask, where to ask it and how you google efficiently for what you need.

Dont worry, you will be banging your head against the desk/wall/sink/kitchen table/closet door/ many more times, but it is good for you :wink: