I have no idea how to dev my website

Hello everyone!

Let me introduce myself, i’m 28 years old, i’m absolutely not from the coding world even tho i have basic knowledge.
I’ve always been intrigued and curious about this world, a bit gamer myself but i don’t have any skills in the domain.

Recently i’ve been working on several entrepreneur projects because i wanted to recycle myself and change from my “normal” job (rope access tech here)

And with a friend we had an idea that i think could be not so bad about a kind of radio website that would use a Youtube Player
But… we have absolutely no idea of how it could work or what we’re supposed to do for make it happen

But our entreprenarial minds have been teased by this challenge, that’s why if some of you guys would have any clues, we would really appreciate the help!

Thanks for reading me, and wish you all the best!

I think you have to explain your idea in more details

Have you done any kind of initial research or anything you can share with us on anything? While this forum is primarily for new people learning to code we always welcome people who have questions, and help when we can. However, we don’t do research for people or just provide code to solve an issue. Your best bet is to do research, and then ask questions on anything you may not understand, or might have questions about

If your goal is not to be a developer, but just to make a website, then I honestly recommend using a website building service (Squarespace, Wix, etc).


Sure for the design of the page, you can use something user-friendly like a builder site but for the actual player and the code needed, you would have to learn some JS and the YouTube/YouTube player APIs.

Depending on how interactive and state-heavy it is going to be, using a view framework might also be the preferred route.

I’m sure you can get a little help from code gen “AI” but using code you do not understand at all is a recipe for unmaintainable buggy code.