I have problems with running my python file in the PyCharm IDE

Everytime I try to run a basic python script and create a new python file in PyCharm , it autofills text in place and it makes it almost impossible to write and run my own scripts:

When I try to delete the autofilled python code using the backspace button and replace it with my own code, it will not allow me to do that. I have Python 3.9.0 amd64 installed with an intel cpu and I can run python fine in the command line .

It doesn’t matter what kind of python file I create in Pycharm, it always autofills code everytime I attempt to write my own code.

i normally just ignore the pycharm suggestion and contineue typing
most of the time what pycharm suggests and what i want to do are the same so its never been a problem for me.
what happens when you just keep typing and ignore the suggestion?