Python 3.x on Win7 32 bit?

Installed python-3.7.3-embed-win32\python.exe.

After learning and forgetting 10 DEAD programming languages, PYTHON programming looks pretty standard. I am having problems setting up the Development Environment.

Installing Pycharm I get the following error message:
“Length of path is bigger than 8192 bytes. Installer can not update it.” Being an old DOS guy I know PATH. I look at the Windows 7 environment variables and PATH is nowhere near 8K.

Should I just wait until I get Windows 10 and then worry about this?

  1. Look at your system PATH. Is there any old crud in there that you could remove?
  2. You can uncheck the “Add to PATH” box during the PyCharm installation wizard. This would mean that you may not be able to run python files out of your IDE, but you still could in a terminal, using the correct python location.
  3. Instead of running python locally, you could work in an virtual environment (either remote or a local VM).

Thanks for your response. I have both looked at my PATH to make sure it is as short as I can make it AND unchecked the box that added it to the PATH. O gave heard or running a cirtual machine and that it could be useful. I have no idea gow to set up a virtual machine. I will look at running a VM. Matbe what I need is an RM (Real Machine) like uhm Windows 10, haha. LOL.