Complete Novice trying to learn Python

I have a really old laptop with Windows Vista, although I installed Windows 10 over it. It’s also only 32bit. I’m a complete novice and have stumbled already. Python 3.6 is not supported so I don’t know what version to download and the same with Pycharm. So I have gotten nowhere. I am very frustrated, but I suppose that comes with being a novice. So is there any guidance on how I proceed from here?

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I’ve only used Pycharm once so can’t say much there, but would the 32 bit installer work for you from the Python download page? I could be wrong but seems like you should be able to install it in your Windows 10.

This is for the latest stable version, 3.10.4

You should be able to install the latest stable release (which is Python 3.10.4) as 8-bit said. Was there any reason that it didn’t install?

If you’re having problems, you can also get started using python in the browser by using sites such as

I admit the installation and getting used to how to use python on the computer can be strange at first. I remember also many years ago having some issues myself. Don’t give up though - there is a way!

I recommend not to run these pycharm or Visual Studio code stuff on old laptops because they don’t a great performance and it’s likely some projects cannot be handled and they might crash! also compatibility is a problem.

Hi all,
And thank you for even caring. I have downloaded 32 bit version of both, started them, following on from the video, set up the first assignment and nothing happened. (It didn’t run). It said i had to configure something (I can’t remember what). So i tried to download the version on the video but they aren’t supported. Im trying to be as close to the instructions on the video. So I suppose I’ll set up the 32 bit versions again and maybe come back to the configuration problem and try to nut that out. I just want to say how grateful I am for your responses I’m probably going need to lean on you a lot. So thank you so much.

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If you open command prompt and type python and press enter, what happens?

Yes, tool shock seems to be the biggest problem on some of these courses!

Following DrChuck’s Scientific Computing with Python, installing the command line Python3 and the simple IDLE IDE seemed easy enough.

I’ve had a fight with another course using the much more complex Anaconda and Notebook to work.

If you’re rrunning Vista your PC can’t be that underpowered - Python will run command line using very little power.

When you get an error you should be able to take a screen shot and post it here - use the little landscape photo button - like this…
Then it is easier for us to tell what the problem is.

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