I have what might be a super dumb question, but if you could indulge me

Why does WindowsOS get crapped on so hard in the programming world? What makes it sub-par compared to MacOS or any Linux distro?
I just recently started learning python and have been familiarized with VSCode and PyCharm, using both applications on my WIN10 home system with no issue.
Would somebody mind explaining this to me like I’m 5?

is this question related to Python? The title is a bit misleading with tagged word “python”.

I think a lot of it has to do with “appeal”. You know, the cool programmers who don’t use this peasent technology of windows…

But ofcourse there are also a lot of benefits to Linux - full control over the operating system, easier control of server-based technology (windows literally includes a linux-kernel for that).
Now I can’t talk about MacOS. Though it’s supposedly safer in terms of hacking and such.

Anyway, it’s just a gimmick. You can do everything on windows and the benefits of the other systems don’t justify the costs. Unless you just REALLY feel like learning Linux or got to much expendable income and want to commit into the apple-lifestyle.

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