I landed a job after 6 months and 41 rejection

As the title says, I landed a job after 6 months and 41 rejection and all were tech test so tech test wasn’t up to the standard. The job I got had no tech test but now I am afraid as in past the jobs I got without tech test ended up withing 1 month or 2. My Imposter Syndrome is laughing at me and I am already stressed before starting as It tells me, u failed 41 interviews but got one job without tech test so u will fail.

TBH the interview was gruelling, they asked me what is the worse thing I did and I told them I deleted live website but got it back up and running as I had backup, which I thought they wouldn’t hire a whack job like me but they liked how I answere to this question and other.

Am I really doomed to fail?

I lost many jobs in past and in 2020 I found a job without tech test and it was horrible, they gave me stuff that wasn’t on my CV and it ended within a month, then I found a job which I left after 8 months because there was alot of name calling n cursing in it, I have inner voice saying, if I was so good I would have got job right after I left last but 41 tech test failure is your reality.

someone help me!


Congrats. That’s fast!


Congrats, That’s Great ! Best of luck for future

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Honestly, I would consider this answer a point in your favor. Some of my coworkers and I have joked about how an interview test should be telling the candidate “I just pushed a change that broke production. Here’s my laptop.” Trading war stories about when you processed a date wrong and cost your company tens of thousands of dollars is a normal developer social activity.

The first three months (at least) are going to suck to some degree. They’re going to feel demoralizing and you will feel like you will never learn enough to do your job. It’s fine. It’s normal. You’re going to find all sorts of technology skeletons that they shoved into closets for your interview: hybrid frameworks, weird workarounds, outdated software, Perl. It’s fine. It’s normal. Just roll with it. Ask questions, then try to do the task, then ask for help, then repeat.


First of all congrats man. I share those fears with you. I landed a job abroad after 35 rejections (because it was the only one without tech test). I was inexperienced dev who just graduated and was placed with bunch of programmers who were freaks! Everyday was a survival and doing my best to hide my incompetence. after 9 months I was let go then in just 2 months I found another job (wihtout teck test) it was a rocky start but I promised my self this time would be diffrent, so I constatly harrased my colleagues with questions, I try to understand everything they teach and just did my best. I had alot to loose if I get fired but yet I did not worry at all this time because I am doing my best so screw it if I get fired there is nothing more I can do really. And don’t worry about hiding your incompetence do what you have to do to earn your bread.

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yes true, I had interviews where I told the same thing I did and it raised eyebrows and then I stopped telling it because I thought I was axing my own feet (a line we use for self-hurt) but it ended well this time so I am happy.

yea I realised that, nothing is as simple as tutorials, there is always old tech or strange language wrapping the new framework and u r like ‘oh no I am gonna fail’ I have this mindset now that nothing will come easy or as I think i should, I had been in worst places, where even googling was doomed because ‘ur a developer, u should know like math guru knows 4*4 - 8’. that is how my career start was and it has been 10 yrs and that mindset is really really hard to break.

I hope I keep this job as my inner critics say ‘oh u didn’t have tech tests so ur just counting days’ as I saw myself failed so many times in tech test but again I survived jobs that didn’t have tech test too until job made me redundant or manager became unbearable that I quit,