I’m 22 years old and want to change my career

Hey i’m 22 years old currently working off shore on a drill ship, my current career is maritime but i REALLY want to do web development.

I feel depressed because i’m a really bad introvert and hate traveling,and my parents and friends think that i’m stupid to go from a well paying career to something i know nothing about.

What should i do :’(
(Sorry for bad English, its my second language)

Well you don’t have to totally give up your current job to study web development. Just study in your free time.
I am still a teacher even though I’ve been studying for about 8 months.

start studying programming, like now

You can’t quit your job if you don’t have some savings as you still need to feed yourself, but you can start studying and eventually freelancing on the side and also applying to jobs on the new field you want to venture into.

In addition to above posts;

Please don’t care about how people think about you if you are sure what you want to do. You showing interest in something is an involuntary process, but pursuing that interest is.

Here is the “formula” of how other people see you; they form a profile about you on their own style of thinking and their past lives. Our past experiences define how we form profiles of people around us. I urge you to consider this.

Finding support is a huge boost, but not every time you will be able to find support. Create your own support by your accomplishments I would say.

Last but not least, you have to bend your dreams to the rules of reality, if you want to see them realized.

Hope this helps.


Bro, what I suggest is, you plan your transition. Don’t make it sudden. Prepare yourself while you are still earning enough and accumulate some amount to survive until you do very good from the web development after you start doing intern and/ or initial jobs. I think this is helpful for someone like me (middle class and responsible for kids) who needs to secure static regular income.

Great, you’re only 22 that means you have tons of time to learn something new and develop a career out of it. Also fortunately software development is also well paid and always in demand. What’s not to like about this story?

Only question is how to go about it, and I’d agree with the others that you could study part-time until you’re ready to make the jump to a development job. That also gives you a chance to find out if you really like this area and if you’re going to be any good at it, before quitting your job. Of course full-time study will always make things go quicker, but requires greater commitment and savings to support yourself. So it depends a lot on your situation.

Do it! I was 25 years old and felt stuck, and after developing some self taught skills with Windows on my Gateway 2000 desktop I got into IT support. Long story short, I’m still doing IT support and ready for a new challenge.

I’m slugging away with FCC and my goal is to be working as a coder by the end of 2020. It will be my 50th birthday in the spring! If I can change careers now, almost anybody can.