I made a basic ES6 study guide on Quizlet

–> https://quizlet.com/362094309/fcc-es6-study-guide-flash-cards/

It goes over the main points for the ES6 section and I thought you guys might be interested.

Please note that this is not perfect and there are some grammatical errors. I know programming is mostly about research so you are not expected to memorize these. This is just a basic guide to go over what they learned.


I like the idea and I take similar approach. But instead of flashcards etc I just create cheatsheets similar to this:

Memorizing things is bad idea, what you need is to learn principles and remember that “oh yeah, something like that exist and this works somewhat like that”.

After that you just need to know that you have direct documentation\info about that open somewhere so you can look when you need to, not to “memorize” it, but to look on it when you actually programming something and need those things.

But yeah, I like your approach, I do the same thing but with “cheatsheets”. It helps you to place it in your mind that “this exists” and helps you remember it while you come back to look on it during coding.

I also noticed that some cards are kinda weird.
For example:

How do you use parameters in arrow functions? -> const doubler = (item) => item * 2;
That is not exactly the case. You can just write it like this:
const doubler = item => item * 2;
And you can use () when a) you dont pass any parameters, b) you pass multiple parameters

Could not go over the rest because it asked me to login or registed so I will just go to sleep.

Thanks, i fixed that.


I just made this as someone who wanted to quickly review. They do not have to memorise, but can use it to review their knowledge.