I made the most generic survey form

I tried to keep the form as simple as possible.
I admit it. Its boring.
Any feedback is appreciated.

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On an iPhone, a horizontal scrollbar appears, because your page is not responsive.

There’s nothing really to give you feedback for…it’s a plain form. Add styling if you feel comfortable. Only thing I can really see is I would move the “FCC needs major improvements:” and then have the options below it instead of everything side by side.

@RandellDawson, @Cody_Biggs thanks for the feedback

Just a few more things. I would add spacing so your statements are not directly on top of your options if that makes sense. Have a statement add some space, and then put your options.

Are you referring to increasing the spacing in between the section headers and items or increase the spacing between the items?

The “ fcc needs major improvements “ and the rest. A little bit of spacing before the choices