I need a mentor for full stack development

I’m new to web development and unable to figure out path to take for becoming full stack developer. I often get deviated because I don’t know which resources to go through at a stretch.
I need a mentor to guide me so that I can discuss my progress and keep in touch with while I learn.

In terms of having a plan or a path to follow, using the freeCodeCamp curriculum as a guide is a really good place to start. It’s laid out in a logical and progressive way. When it comes to help and mentoring, you have a whole community here that has lots of helpful people with all levels of experience. Whenever you have a question or need to talk something out, don’t be shy!

Happy coding!


When I first started studying web development I did not know how to start, but I did have the great help of my brother who is a professional web developer, and honestly one of the most useful things he did for me was point me towards FreeCodeCamp. FCC has a curriculum, and that really is the most important thing you need to start out because having a mentor is great, but a mentor without curriculum can only really tell you if your doing something wrong because they don’t have anything to point you at either.

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But is that enough? I am following curriculum on freecodecamp but I keep forgetting the old things. Am I doing it right? There’s too much to remember. Is there a good way to follow through the curriculum or should I keep going at a stretch?

You’re definitely going to forget things. I literally google everything I do and I’ve been working as a developer for about 2 years. My best advice is to go through the entire curriculum, you’d be surprised how much some of these topics and concepts are revisited. After you’re done maybe go the education.launchcode.org and do the intro and Java sections. After that I would either start looking for a job to get real practice or start freelancing or contributing to open source projects. No learning method is going to be faster than actually coding everyday and it helps your motivation to be getting paid for it.

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No single resource is going to be enough all by itself. You’ll need to do plenty of additional research even to complete the freeCodeCamp curriculum. Then, as you start building your own projects you’ll have to find tools and techniques that meet your personal needs. It’s a really good guide to your journey though.

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I recommend you to check out this course

They have explained a lot of concepts very clearly

And also try to solve problems here
FCC provides you cool tricky problems which can be very helpful for you in learning

Feel free to ask questions here whenever you get stuck while coding

I am learning this way Alhamdulillah It’s helping me a lot in understanding

Hope this way will help you too!

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You don’t have to remember everything you just make a documentation
Or write notes of the concept that you don’t understand and try to make a small project out of whatever you have learnt
And also summarize everyday!

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