I need a programming buddy for intermediate and advanced frontend projects

I am looking for a programming buddy.
I’ve recently completed the intermediate algorithm challenges and I am heading on to the intermediate and advanced frontend projects. I have already made Random Quote machine and Local Weather app partly, but it’s no problem, I am happy to help with these ones as well, consolidating my knowledge :slight_smile:

I think it would be a great learning experience for both parties. Preferably, I would like an intermediate-experienced buddy (but this is by no means a requirement!) - and of course, a dedicated and persistent one! Also, if you are from Serbia you get a bonus brownie point from me :smiley: Just kidding! If any of you are interested, feel free to contact me in PM :slight_smile:

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I’m looking for coding buddy as well! I’m currently working on the JavaScript calculator. You can check out my profile at freecodecamp.com/collinstommy.

I’ve done development before free code camp, mainly desktop languages such as c# and Java. Send me a message if you’re interested :smiley: