Study/Interview Buddy for Frontend

Looking for a study buddy to keep each other accountable and help each other out if possible :slight_smile:

I have about ~2 years of frontend experience, though I don’t think my current job allowed me to be well versed in some fundamental concepts. So I’m going to go through fundamental JS, DOM, CSS, and some simple algorithmic questions.

Starting to interview, but expecting that it may span over a few months if not more…

Anyways let me know if you’re interested!


Looks interesting.
I just can’t guarantee being on par with you in terms of level, I’ve been studying for like 3 months only, but I’m really interested in this field.

If you’d like to get a better idea of my current skill set to see if you would benefit from working together drop me a PM and I’ll be more than glad to chat with you.

hello ! I’d be happy to also join in. I’ve been learning html, css and java script for about 2 months now.

I think we have A LOT more in common, seriously…

I love cats, so does your nickname says! :smiley: (Don’t say that you’re an introvert now, cause I’m too :smile:)

I also have similar experience like you. I started with HTML/CSS just for fun a couple of years ago, and just learned things here and there and never dived fully into anything.

But for the last 10 months or so, I’m 100% dedicated to become a real developer.

I started with HTML, CSS, SASS, then vanilla JS, data structures, some algorithms etc. And now I’m doing FCC projects (Right now I’m at FCC Front-end project #1 Random Quote Generator).

I still lack some of the fundamentals of JS DOM APIs (especially canvas, drag API etc) but I’m proud to say that I’ve come far forward and I’m closer to my goals. And after all, it’s a journey, not a marathon.

Right now I’m also working full time on Upwork as a Shopify Developer. (Full time means, whenever I get a job, not 9 to 5. I only work on smaller jobs to make time for study)

After I complete my FCC Frontend projects (hopefully within 3 - 4 days), I plan to build a bit challenging/bigger apps in React to polish my skills and start seeking the jobs.

It would be great to also gain pair programming experience along with it!

id be down. are you going to make a discord or something?

I’m up for it! Let me know…

Early last fall, this same conversation had come around, and a slack workspace was set up for this very purpose. It started great, and it kinda fizzled within two months.

I think slack is a great environment for something like this, but I also think a long-term commitment on the part of users helps. :wink:

Mine was the last post there, more than a month ago. Makes me feel like I broke it. oops.

If anyone is interested, I’ve set up a new slack workspace. The channels in it are much the same as those in the FCC forums, and we can add admins or channels as we need.

If you’re interested, simply message me with an email address, I’ll send out invites.

HI ! is the slack workspace free to use ?

Sure – click on my picture, send me a ‘Message’, include your email – I’ll chuck you an invite.