Looking for coding partner/team :)

I’m learning coding,have strong motivation for becoming front-end developer. From months using learning platforms etc. but I don’t have any experience with coding in pair or in a team - only read and/or reusing somebody else’s code. I would like to get an experience with coding … not alone (have back-end developer at home but it’s not the same:" F…ing css’es", you know;) ). So If you are willing to join me I’m giving some nitty-gritty below:

  • I’m beginner in HTML, CSS, Javascript(Jquery)
  • using Bootstrap (pure RWD is my dream)
  • UTC+1 (Central Europe)
  • StackOverflow, CodeCademy user
  • worked as manual software tester earlier
  • want to use GitHub but … have no courage yet :wink:

here are some of my latest challenges:


Hi :slight_smile: Which part of the curriculum are you in? I am at the last set of algorithm challenges and kind of lost motivation - I haven’t programmed in about a month since finishing the last algorithm and I want to get back and this might be a great idea for me to try too cuz brains loves new things! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Also where are you from? I am UTC +1 also :))

Oh and you can check my projects here https://codepen.io/Jacobs322/.