I need advice on the right technology to use for my project

I live in a third world country and corruption is a major issue here. I want to develop a data management system with an inbuilt HR function to aid transparency amongst small organizations. Please I need help on the right kind of technology to use, and if you would love to work with me on this please feel free to identify…

Hello @Eagleswings.
What kind of system do you want to build? Web, mobile app, desktop app?
I could think you want yo code a web app, it sounds the most logic.
If that’s the case, and if your target is help small organizations you should think in an open source project and give support for a fairly price to those organizations that require it, that is so important as the right technology.
Talking about right technology, I think you need something that let you code fast and with a tested quality, so it sounds like a dynamically typed language, with a good full stack framework with enough popularity and lot of feutures, so:

  • Python: Django.
  • Javascript: Sails, Express + API + Frontend framework.
  • PHP: Lavavel.
  • Ruby: Rails.

I know Django and I really would like to contribute to an open source project like this. If you already know other of the three languages ​​you should choose that one. It won’t make any difference learn another, you will only lose time. If you know some other framework, I think the same, go ahead.

It’s a web app. I have also thought about the affordability of the tool for the target organizations, which makes it reasonable to embrace an open source project. Thank you for the insight.