I need help finding mentors

Hey all,

One of the coolest things I’ve noticed while studying to become a developer, is the sense of community in the tech industry, atleast as far as other developers. Its one of the many reasons I chose to pursue a career in the field.

Which leads me to my question, how do I go about finding a mentor in the industry? One weakness I have is networking, thats one of the biggest regrets I have is not asking any of my favorite professors to mentor me or networking a bit more in college.

Any advice on finding a mentor? How would I ask someone to be my mentor?

One way is through co working space. when you start developing application by yourself there, there will be tech startup who will notice you and approach you.

In addition to jgyy’s comment, here are a couple more ideas.

Email your favorite professors from college and ask their advice. Ask if your college has a group on LinkedIn then join it. Your fellow alumni may be helpful in making connections, especially those that work(ed) for a company you are interested in working for; may be able to help create a connection. This is a part of networking.

You can also look into meetups and hackathons.

Meet ups are a great way to network with people. There are general code hangouts and also technology specific one you can find if you live in a fairly large city.

Keep an eye out for Code for America Brigades. These are developer who volunteer their time and skill for civil causes. You get to not only networks with some of these people, but also contribute to a public project

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