I want to find a mentor at a meet up

What should I say to the people I approach? Is it OK to just say that straight away after i introduce my self?

Perhaps when you arrive at the meetup might be the time for that conversation. The few I’ve attended, when coming in the door, I’m asked what I’m looking to get from the meetup. Common answers are, “I’m looking to learn from peers”, or “I’m looking for a code sensei” or “I’m a recruiter looking for talent” or “I’m looking for doughnuts”.

There are always a wide range of reasons to be at a meetup. I might avoid starting out with “Hey hi, I’m looking for someone to take me under their wing and mentor me!” Yes, be open about your skill level, and yes, be open to the possibility of a mentor being there, but start with “Hey, hi – I’m looking to network and find other like-minded developers.” The mentor thing will come with time.

Your approach sort of seems to me like going speed-dating with an engagement ring in your pocket…

lol ok ill introduce my self and say im good at html css and a little javascript. ill ask them what theyre good technology with and what job theyre looking to get.

what else can i say?

Why would you avoid saying Hi I’m Victor, I’m looking for a mentor. ?


godaddy gogetter

Are you trolling?
lol because i went there


^ I went to that link and when I click Request Mentor or MEssage me I get a window with a blank white box. WTF?

I think you need a Godaddy account and logged in and after that register to forum with enter a nickname.