I need help in User story#9 tribute Page

Hello i’m new to programming and im stuck at user story 8 and 9. In user story 8 i cant align the figcaption with the photo and in 9 i don’t get what to do. Thanks in advance!

Please post a link to your project, overwise we can’t help.


You can’t float the image, it needs to be centered (you can use margin: auto for that).

Yes but I want it to be in the right code had not in the center of the page and what about user story 9. Is it even good looking what can I make better ?

You need one image to be centered in order for it to pass the test. You can have other images on the page but the test is expecting one image to be in the center.

Thanks for the help such a good community!

That’s the final page kinda basic ,your thoughts?

I think your page looks good.
Your page is not responsive for smaller devices. Using rem and em for font sizes would help. Also making changes to your margins for the li would help too.