I need help with a “no-email” login site

Hey! I’m pretty new in programming, and I want help in making a “no-email required” login webpage. This is how I’m going to do it: Ask them for their username/name (for what I’m doing, passcode is not required), and then, when they click the “Sign Up” button, one of the two options can happen (you can choose what’s best) 1) the website automatically sends an email to me that a new user has joined, with their name listed on the email. 2) adds their name to another website. I think the 2nd one is easier, but I don’t know how. Could someone please tell me? If you find the 1st one easier, you could tell me how to do that as well. Thanks!

I think you need to expand on this some more as to what you mean by that. But if you don’t ask for a password when they create their account, how are you going to secure their login? Are you looking to do OAuth login à la “Sign in with Google/Facebook/Github”?

Well, i think it’s my fault for not writing the correct word. It’s like, a person writes their username and clicks sign up. Then, the website sends the username of that person, to a database which I can access. Also, for the “secure login”, maybe I could do a captcha. But I’ll figure that out. The only thing I need help with is how I can send over the data to another website.