I need help with adding reviews section to my website

hey guys,
i just started my html,css learning
didn’t try JavaScript yet, but i’am building a website for a family member
a very basic website to be clear, he asked me to add a review section at the very end of every page
in which the buyers can say what they want, but not like adding a plugin i just want to know if it’s possible to code it, in php i guess or any other coding language and not adding a plug in or use any services from any sites.
and also if that is possible would like it to be configured by admin first to eliminate spam
just like u just bought a shoes from amazon and u want to leave a review on the seller page
but after posting the review u still need the admin to see what u r saying and get his permission to post that to the seller’s page
i hope i made it clear enough

What you have explained can’t be done by using just HTML and CSS. It’s of course possible to code something like that—but if you don’t already know JavaScript (or any other language that you can use to interact with a server), it’s definitely not something trivial (it’s not trivial even if you already know any of those languages)

Your best options is probably a plugin/third-party service; if the website is already an e-commerce website built on top of a CMS then you should have plenty of options.

Good luck!

i’m a quick learner, it’s been only 3 days since i started my journey
and i liked what i’ve learnt and would love to learn more
which way do u think i should go ?
like which language should i learn ?
and is there a tutorial where i can learn what to do ??
even knowing html, css i still go for tutorials to teach me how to do things
after learning javascript how could i do that ?
and i’m really thankful for ur replay man :slight_smile:

one more question,
if i used a 3rd party service would that be possible on a tor site ?
and if possible which one would be the best ?

You can do it in any language you want but you’ll definitely need knowledge of HTML and CSS on top of whatever language you are using for the server/communicate with the server. The server may have restrictions on what you can or cannot do, too—for example, the website’s hosting plan (if it’s a shared hosting service, for example) may not let you set up a Node.js server, and a JavaScript backend is therefore out of the question.

It’s great that you want to learn more, and I think freeCodeCamp is a great community to learn with, too. But what you have described is really not trivial if you want to make something that’s usable, secure, and maintainable.

Using the freeCodeCamp curriculum as an indication; what you have described, for most people, it means finishing at least 4 of the 6 certificates. I don’t mean to discourage you at all—in fact, I encourage you to just go and learn those things; it’s just that it’s better that you havea realistic picture before you start so that you can avoid disappointments.

I don’t know nearly enough about Tor but, again, that depends. Just contact customer support for that and ask them about it. Ultimately, even if the service doesn’t block Tor traffic (for whatever reasons), and particularly if everything is self-hosted, it’s more than likely that the client would have many typical browser features disabled. So… again, it depends. I don’t know more about this so maybe someone else can add to this.

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