I need help with developer documentation

Hi, I have a question about developer documentation.
How do I use developer documentations, for example MDN. I am on Basic JavaScript: Record Collection and I got stuck, I went back and did the previous challenges thinking I missed something and then I tried going on MDN but couldn’t find anything. So in the end I had to check the solution which is not a good feeling.

Think of the MDN like a glossary. It is used the same way. So for example, in Basic Javascript, there is no explanation of map, reduce, and filter, but they are needed. So you look up those terms and implement them into the code. What is it that you were getting stuck on? Keep in mind that FCC gives you the foundation to start from and to pass the tests and challenges, it is up to you to build your knowledge and figure out the solution to the problem. Coding anything is a lot like a puzzle. You have all the pieces, you understand what the end result should be, but it is up to you to put those pieces together the right way.

To be honest I had trouble understanding the instructions, they were all over the place. The instruction in get a hint tab were different to the ones in the challenge page. I have Jon Duckett books but I thought I would give them a read when I finish with FCC, or should I read the books first and do the exercises there and come back to FCC after? The MDN page is confusing to me I guess I have to spend more time on there to get used to it. Thanks for the respond.

There’s a whole language around programming that takes time to become familiar with. I know that sometimes looking at documentation can feel like looking a word up in a dictionary and then having to look up those words in a children’s dictionary, but it’s all just part of trying to gain proficiency in a field. You may not understand everything that a resource like MDN says, but hopefully it gives you the ability to refine your searches as you’re researching a method, operator, etc. You can also come to the forum with more specific questions about the pieces of the documentation that you don’t understand. Repeated exposure tot he language of programming concepts will build up your fluency.