I need help with html and css project!

I’m stucked at my project . I tried everything I could do , but it’s not working . Please help me and find my mistakes
I want a page look like

but I am not able to do that , I am trying to find my mistake since last 6-7 hours but couldn’t .
Please have a look at my codes , please …please … it will be very helpful :frowning:

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You are doing a project similar to the challenge example. So I suggest you parse the example project code.

It would be helpful if you could explain what you can’t get to work and where you’re stuck.

The example code is not always the best thing to look at, sometimes there are a few css things not explained, for example nested selectors, which is a SCSS thing (if I remember correctly) and doesn’t work in plain CSS

It is just a visual example, the code shouldn’t be copied

Isso mesmo. Não é uma boa ideia copiar, o ideal seria criar seu próprio código e fazer um projeto diferente. Mas já que os projetos são semelhantes podemos analisar o código html do exemplo pra ter uma base.

It is suggested to not look at the example code

Hey! I have check out your code and first of all fix your html code it’s written very poorly it has a number of mistakes in it like it says <docstype! html> instead of <!doctype html> also you don;t need to add the doctype or the html tag while coding on codepen because those are alreadly included in them. Secondly I saw the comment that you left saying choose user's profession How to adjust this container to look like perfect. You need to add some css to the select element like these properties : border, border-radius, padding and some margin to get the look you want also use display: inline-block; instead of display:inline;. Your html & css has a lot of mistake so my advice to you will be to practice your html and css skills first, create your own survey form with your own styles don’t try to recreate this one.

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Hi first of all , thank you for identifying my a lot of mistakes. I’m starting my own Survey page now .

Thank you very much